Our Misson

We are dedicated to the promotion of educational opportunities for women and children in underserved areas. We firmly believe the power of education has positive impacts on wildlife conservation, health and welfare, and general prosperity. throughout life.


It’s important to us to be transparent and effective in all of our missions. This list details our most recent initiatives

Through our many travels to Africa we've learned that after food and water, the most important aspect to sustainable growth is access to and promotion of education. We are committed to providing access and opportunities to education with minimal impact to traditional  lifestyles and cultures. 


  • Finding orphanages in need of food, water and supplies in East Africa.
  • Raising funds to support animal conservation and fight poaching in Africa.
  • Raising funds to bring students to study in the USA. Or attend boarding schools in their native lands. 

“Such a life changing experience... to actually take food and presents to an orphanage that I was helping to support."



California Volunteer

“It is such a great thing, to see the many western travelers who bring food and  buy our crafts. We are able to sustain ourselves in such greater fashion from these trips and are able to share small parts of our culture with them."



Maasai Elder

The Lives We Impact

28 January 2014

Orphanage birthday party organized by Karibu Safaris.


5 Feb 2014

Partnering with  Karibu Safaris and Race4Ever to raise funds for children orphaned by AIDS/HIV in Ethiopia.